2013 NLGLFF Audience Favorites


“Bridegroom” tells the story of Shane Bitney Crone and Tom Bridegroom, two young men in a loving committed relationship that was cut short when Bridegroom died in a tragic accident, and Crone was treated as a total stranger to Bridegroom by the hospital and Bridegroom’s family. This film illustrates more powerfully than any speech ever could what can and often does happen to people in a relationship without the legal protections of marriage as they find themselves completely shut out and ostracized.

Southern Baptist Sissies

“Southern Baptist Sissies” is a film version of Del Shores’ award-winning play about four gay young men growing up in Dallas in the church. The comedic drama is very much Shores’ own story and resonated with local audiences as it explores how gay fundamentalist Christians reconcile their love for their church with its oppressive message. Despite all the heartbreak, there is some much-needed comic relief throughout the film, and finally, a message of hope. Tickets for the opening weekend showing of “Sissies” sold out in two hours! Shores and four of the film’s actors participated in a Q & A after that showing.

Love Is All You Need?

"Love is All You Need?" depicts an alternate universe where most people are gay and straight people are a persecuted minority. It effectively brings home to people who may find it hard to understand otherwise, the cruelty and consequences of intolerance and bullying simply for who one loves.

2014 Festival Dates Announced

3/1/2014 - The 2014 North Louisiana Gay & Lesbian Film Festival opens on Friday, September 5th, and closes on Friday, September 11th. We'll see you at the festival in September!

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